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We just "AJAX enabled" the site to make it even easier to use and to integrate into your own web sites. Hope you enjoy!

Advertisement is a tool that turns your long urls into short ones. Our service is free and easy to use - give it a try!. Your new url will never expire.
(1) Enter a url (2) click the button (3) use your short url

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We recommend that you use HipUrl via our new toolbar. With the toolbar, you can create a hipurl from anywhere on the web and email it in just two clicks! Its fast easy and free!
Alternatively, adding to your site or others sites (i.e. is easy. Click here to learn more....
An example:

Who can use

Anyone can use this service. Anyone that wants to provide a url link to another person through chat, email, forums, blogs etc will find it useful. This includes (but isn't limited to) all users of email, affiliate marketers and web site owners.
Terms of Use

You cannot use this service for anything illegal (including spam). Offenders will be banned from using this free service. This service is provided without warranty of any kind.
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